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Economic emergency we need revlution by facebook

agosto 6, 2011

The crisis in USA crash mexico the revolution for food for pove rty is inminent.

Ten million new poors in a week, we dont resist anymore we need takethe streets like indignados in spain or the soft revolution in north africa

We wan to eat  we need food for our children


The revolution by facebook is coming soon

agosto 6, 2011

The revolution in north africa the election of obama and themegatrends of europa is becoming a natural power what thecrisis  are burning every day  and the governors they no are seeing the hughe amount of hungry crowd what a are going to take the control of the countries where the people without meal for take in his mouth is more wht 60% of the people.

In many countries the situation in north africa is real is cuotidien ,the people have hungry and no employee and need steale for his sons and wife can to eat.Its not easy if i need steal and kill for food i am going to do and millions more .But now we are in contact with facebook ,yes i donthave for eat anything but i have internet then i say organize the fight ,the strugle ,the revolution.

Then i need guns  i need volunters and i need the people what make the financial aspect all exist andi need begin to move une hundred  or un thundred  and put in fire the city or country

That is the last cost of the crisis the millions of new poors of every day.

How many time for the revolution of facebook one week or one month or one year? Not too late